Talent sourcing and Attraction Channels

Don’t limit your search to a few job boards, agencies, or limited inhouse team. Expand to Raasforce’s channels risk free Referral based Recruitment

Referral Recruitment Marketplace. Jobs published with recruitment fee. Sign up bonus for applicants.

Dedicated Research Team

Dedicated research team, working 24x7 from India and Philippines.

Agency Recruiters Network

Connected to 1000+ recruiters and staffing firms to fill staffing or contract positions instantly. Independent recruiters helps to fill direct positions and earn referral fee.

AJ: Artificial Intelligent Sourcer

Source applicants within Raasforce and external Raasforce connections, external job portals, etc.

Online Recruitment Campaign & Employer Branding

Run various recruitment campaign on social media, professional sites connect to million of professionals

Employer Branding

Run various recruitment campaigns on social media and professional networking sites to connect to millions of professionals. Improve employer on line branding to attract top talent.

Multi-Level Screening and Vetting

Be confident and informed about candidates and the data you receive.

AJ: Artificial Intelligent Screener

AJ is evolving and learning from users and the back office research team to become a virtual interviewer. AJ can record and assess the video interview and rate applicant accordingly.

Technical and Psychometric test

Raasforce has a 200+ technical, non-technical, and psychometric test repository and online testing system to screen applicants.

Verified Profile

Raasforce research team and AJ conduct pre-employment review and vetting of most profiles before presenting to employers.

Hire the Best

AJ: Artificial Intelligent Chatbot

AJ will always be available update missing job or applicant data, screen and setup interviews, etc.

Applicant to Job Matching Analytics

AJ helps to find the best candidate and fill the position for the employers.

Team Collaboration

Employers, Recruiters and the Raasforce team can collaborate real time and have visibility to recruitment status.